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PT Freeport Indonesia Social Responsibility to Mimika Community

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JAYAPURA (Bisnis Papua) - The world’s renowned mining company PT Freeport Indonesia has a large responsibility towards the Papua community and especially in Mimika.

Bearing the big responsibility, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) implements several programs to empower the community, in health, community economy education, as well as the funding towards the community agencies and churches.

This program is manifested or run through LPMAK. LPMAK is a representation outfit of the local Papuan public established by the PTFI stakeholders in Mimika, namely the Mimika regency Administration, LEMASA (Amungme Tribe Adat Community Association) and LEMASKO (Kamoro Tribe Adat Community Association) that aims to encourage the community’s living structure towards a better pattern and structure, as well as developing and enhancing community self-sufficiency and concern to have a handle on and resolving issues in their lives.

PT Freeport Indonesia is committed to continually assist the Mimika community to enable to help itself in line with the essential substance in community development, which essentially is the community itself.

In 2008-2009 the health program was directed towards the coastal and interior areas in Mimika, comprising Tsinga Village, Banti Village and Arianop Village in Tembagapura; Aramsolki Village, Amungun Village, Kiliarma Village and Fakafuku Village in Akimunga; Omawita Village, Fanamo Village and Ayuka Village in East Mimika; as well as Kaokanao Village, Ipri Village, Paripi and Yaraya Village in West Mimika.

Source : Bisnis Papua, December 21, 2010


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