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Freeport Faces Prolonged Suspension Post-Accident

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JAKARTA. Copper giant PT Freeport Indonesia has yet to recommence open-mining operations due to new workplace safety requirements imposed by government after a recent deadly accident.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s technical and environment director Bambang Susigit said Freeport could resume its open-pit mining activities on the condition the company first improves its operational procedures as recommended by the ministry.

"The company is not allowed to resume mining activities until it implements our recommendations. On Thursday, Freeport is scheduled to report to us and we will evaluate whether or not to let the company resume operations," Bambang said on Tuesday.

On Sept. 27, Freeport reported a collision between an operational vehicle and a large-size haul truck end route to the Grasberg open-pit mine in Papua. The haul truck, which was 2.2 meters in height, inadvertently crushed the operational vehicle that was carrying eight passengers and a driver. Four persons died and five were injured in the accident.

Three of the five injured have been released from the hospital, Freeport Indonesia’s spokesperson Daisy Primayanti said earlier. Two others, however, remain in intensive care in Jakarta.

The ministry sent a team to investigate the accident and Freeport was asked to halt its open-pit mining activities for a week.

Following the investigation, the ministry recommended standardized operating procedures in the Grasberg mining area and those related to traffic; improved communication among mobile equipment; better coordination between supervisor and operator; and better risk identification and management of the parking area for mobile equipment.

The suspension of operations at Grasberg, one of the world’s largest gold and copper mines, is expected to further hamper Freeport’s business performance this year as open-pit mining is the biggest contributor to the firms output.

The company, which is a subsidiary of US-based giant Freeport McMoran Inc., had just resumed exports last month after reaching an agreement with the government concerning the rule that mineral ore exports could only be exported by companies that built smelters and processed domestically.

The September accident reignited debate over safety in the Freeport mining area, where several incidents - including a landslide last year that killed 28 people - have occurred in recent years.

Several employees staged a protest last week, demanding the company pay more attention to safety. The employees blocked the access road to the Grasberg mine in Papua last week, but lifted the blockade after a discussion with Freeport officials.

According to government figures, nationwide there were 232 mining accidents last year and 216 in 2012. Out of the total 232 accidents in 2013, 46 people were killed; a significant increase from the 29 fatalities recorded in 2012. (rcf)

 Source : The Jakarta Post, October 08, 2014

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Freeport Harus Penuhi Lima Rekomendasi Pemerintah

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JAKARTA. Pemerintah melalui Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya (ESDM) lima rekomendari kepada PT Freeport Indonesia terkait kecelakaan di tambang terbuka Grasberg. Jika kelima rekomendasi itu terpenuhi, perusahaan ini bisa mendapatkan izin untuk melanjutkan kembali kegiatan pertambangan yang saat ini dihentikan.

"Aktivitas penambangan bijih di tambang terbuka Grasberg belum diperbolehkan beroperasi sampai selesai dilakukan Identifikasi Bahaya, Penilaian, dan Pengendalian Resiko (IBPR) di seluruh area Grasberg dan melakukan perbaikan traffic management berdasarkan hasil IBPR dan skala prioritas," kata Direktur Teknik dan lingkungan Kementerian ESDM Bambang Susigit kepada wartawan di Jakarta, Selasa (7/10).

Dia mengatakan, rekomendasi itu diberikan setelah melakukan pemeriksaan tempat, alat, sistem, dan wawancara sejumlah orang yang bertanggungjawab.

Bambang menuturkan lima rekomendasi yang diberikan yakni mensosialisasikan kembali prosedur pengoperasian standar (PPS) Grasberg Operation Departement No. SM-2.18-HLG-O06-5 tentang Pengoperasian Haul Truk di Tambang Terbuka Grasberg kepada seluruh operator truk.

Rekomendasi kedua, memastikan komunikasi antar unit mobile equipment dapat berjalan dengan baik. Rekomendasi berikutnya meningkatkan koordinasi antara pengawas dan operator dalam melaksanakan tugas. Kemudian membuat standar operating procedure (SOP) proses pembuatan fesilitas atau infrastruktur yang terkait dengan pengaturan lalu lintas.

Rekomendasi kelima, melakukan IBPR terhadap bandara atau tempat parkir mobile equipment dan jalan tambang aktif di seluruh area Grasberg dan melakukan traffic management berdasarkan hasil IBPR dan skala prioritas.

"Rekomendasi keenam yakni aktivitas penambangan secara penuh di area Grasberg dapat dilakukan setelah rekomendasi kelima diselesaikan dan dilaporkan kepada Kepala Inspektur Tambang. Kegiatan yang terkait perawatan tambang seperti penggalian overburden terkait kestabilan lereng, pemeliharaan jalan, pemompaan air, penggalian lumpur, tetap wajib dilaksanakan," jelasnya.

Menurut rencana, (9/10) Freeport akan mempresentasikan terkait kemajuan pelaksanaan rekomendasi. Dia menuturkan investigasi yang dilakukan oleh Inspektur Tambang ESDM bertujuan agar insiden tersebut tidak terulang kembali.

Bambang menyebut investigasi bukanlah mencari siapa yang salah melainkan apa penyebab insiden itu. Dalam proses investigasi itu, pihak kepolisian ikut melakukan penyelidikan. Dia mengungkapkan polisi berwenang membawa insiden ini ke ranah hukum. Namun Bambang menegaskan insiden yang terjadi di Freeport itu murni kecelakaan tambang lantaran memenuhi lima kriteria yakni kejadian itu terjadi tidak direncanakan, direkayasa serta berdasarkan bukti hal itu tidak sengaja

"Kami minta Presiden PT Freeport Indonesia melakukan evaluasi menyeluruh terhadap Uni manajemen terhadap bertanggungjawab pada kegiatan operasi tambang Grasberg. Malam ini suratnya kami kirim," tuturnya. (rap)

 Sumber : Investor Daily, 08 Oktober 2014

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New Law Scraps Local Govts Power in Mining

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Raras Cahyafitri

JAKARTA. The new Provincial Administrations (Pemda) Law .scraps local administrations power to issue mining permits, overlapping the 2009 Mining Law, which is likely to be revised.

The Mining Law grants local administrations rights in the mining sector, including issuing permits for mineral and coal mining activities.

However, the Pemda Law has removed all authorities previously granted to regency and municipal administrations. Thus, control over mineral and coal businesses will be in the hands of central and provincial governments.

Both contradicting laws will remain in effect unless one of them is called off, according to law expert Todung Mulya Lubis.

"If one law takes away authority while the other law doesn’t do the same, we cannot say that the authorities [of a regency and municipality] have been withdrawn, unless the Mining Law is amended. This shows that we have no clear policy to avoid this overlap," Todung said.

It was up to the government to amend articles in the Mining Law, Todung said.

The House of Representatives passed late last month the Pemda Law, along with the controversial Regional Elections (Pilkada) Law, which scrapped the direct election of regional heads.

Outgoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued last week two government regulations in lieu of law (Perppu) to protect direct elections and the local administrations authorities.

But the Perppu, which will need approval from the House, did not mention the authorization of mining permits, hence articles stipulating no authority in the mining sector for regency and municipality administrations would continue to be effective, Todung said.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s director general for mineral and coal, R. Sukhyar, welcomed the Pemda Law, saying that the Mining Law, particularly its articles that give power to local administrations in the mining sector, would likely be amended.

"The Mining Law will be adjusted to the Pemda Law as we are now talking about local administrations authority," Sukhyar said.

The Mining Law was drawn in the spirit of regional autonomy and decentralization policy, giving power to local administrations to regulate their own natural resources. However, after years of implementation, local authorities have been criticized as graft cases have revealed that many high ranking regional officers issued permits to certain firms for personal gain.

Poor coordination among local administrations has resulted in legal battles in national court and international arbitration.

Concerns over environmental issues have also emerged as over 8,800 mining permits have been issued by regency and municipal administrations after 2009, according to Sukhyar.

The scrapping of power for local administrations in the mining sector would also help the central government better manage the sector, which is one of the main contributors to state income.

"Local administrations currently have too much control. Supervision will be far easier as we will only face 34 governors," Sukhyar said.

Indonesian-Coal Producers Association (APBI) chairman Bob Kamandanu also supports the Pemda Law.

"In the past few years, local administrations have issued too many permits without following the mining principles, without carrying out proper studies," Bob said.

 Source : The Jakarta Post, October 06, 2014

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Pemerintah Segera Teken Amendemen Kontrak dengan Vale

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Oleh Rangga Prakoso

JAKARTA. Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral (ESDM) menyatakan PT Vale Indonesia (Tbk) sebagai salah satu pemegang kontrak karya yang bakal menandatangani amandemen kontrak pertambangan. Penandatangan yang akan dilakukan antara Menteri ESDM Ad Interim Chairul Tanjung dan petinggi Vale ditargetkan bisa digelar sebelum 20 Oktober mendatang.

Direktur Jenderal Mineral dan Batubara Kementerian ESDM R Sukhyar mengatakan, Vale dan pihaknya secara intens menyusun rancangan amandemen kontrak pertambangan. "Saya kira Vale bisa teken. Vale paling cepat karena intensif bertemu dan pemahaman para pihak lebih bagus," kata Sukhyar di Jakarta, akhir pekan lalu.

Sukhyar menuturkan, penyusunan draft amandemen kontrak bukanlah hal mudah. Pasalnya, amandemen itu berisi penjabaran rinci terkait kesepakatan enam poin renegosiasi kontrak karya. Nantinya amandemen itu akan dituliskan dalam dua bahasa yakni Indonesia dan Inggris.

Enam poin yang diperbaiki dalam kontrak hasil renegosiasi ini adalah pembangunan fasilitas pengolahan dan pemurnian (smelter) di dalam negeri, pengurangan luas wilayah tambang, perubahan perpanjangan kontrak menjadi izin usaha pertambangan khusus (IUPK), kenaikan royalti untuk penerimaan negara, besaran divestasi, serta penggunaan barang dan jasa pertambangan dalam negeri.

Menteri ESDM Chairul Tanjung sebelumnya mengatakan, tidak semua pemegang kontrak karya (KK) dan perjanjian karya pengusahaan pertambangan batubara (PKP2B) bakal menandatangani amandemen kontrak pertambangan. Alasannya, amandemen itu tidaklah mendesak untuk dDakukan pada pemerintahan saat ini.

"Kami serahkan kepada pemerintah yang akan datang. Jadi mungkin tidak banyak yang bisa ditandatangani," ujarnya.

Dia menambahkan, revisi Peraturan Pemerintah (PP) No 24 Tahun 2012 tentang perubahan PP No 23 Tahun 2010 tentang Kegiatan Usaha Pertambangan Mineral dan Batubara, bakal segera ditandatangani oleh Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Peraturan tersebut antara lain berisi mengenai besaran divestasi dan kelangsungan usaha pasca berakhir kontrak dalam bentuk IUPK.

Namun Chairul menuturkan penandatanganan amandemen kontrak masih bisa dilakukan meski revisi PP 24 itu belum terbit.

Sebelumnya, Vale sudah menandatangani nota kesepahaman hasil renegosiasi. Dalam kesepakatan renegosiasi, besaran divestasi Vale disepakati sebesar 40 % lantaran kegiatan pertambangannya terintegrasi antara hulu dan hilir. Saat ini, Vale memang tidak hanya mengelolan wilayah tambang, tetapi juga mengoperasikan smelter.

Penetapan divestasi tersebut sesuai dengan revisi PP 24/2012. Aturan itu menyebutkan perusahaan yang hanya melakukan kegiatan pertambangan maka memiliki kewajiban divestasi sebesar 51%. Sementara intuk pelaku pertambangan yang melakukan kegiatan pertambangan serta mengoperasikan smelter atau terintegrasi maka divestasi mencapai 40%. Sedangkan perusahaan yang mengoperasikan tambang dengan metode tambang bawah tanah (underground) kewajiban divestasinya hanya 30 %.

Hingga pekan lalu, tercatat terdapat 78 perusahaan pertambangan yang telah menyepakati renegosiasi dan menandatangani nota kesepahaman amandemen kontrak pertambangan! Rincinya, sebanyak 13 perusahaan merupakan pemegang kontrak karya dan 65 pemegang PKP2B.

Beberapa PKP2B yang telah menandatangani nota kesepahaman diantaranya PT Kaltim Prima Coal. (KPC), PT Adaro Indonesia Tbk, PT Arutmin, dan PT Kideco Jaya Agung. Sementara untuk pemegang KK diantaranya adalah PT Freeport Indonesia dan PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara.

Sementara sebanyak 29 perusahaan tambang lain belum sepenuhnya menyepakati enam poin renegosiasi. Pemerintah menargetkan, sebelum 20 Oktober mendatang, sekitar 100 perusahaan tambang bakal sudah menyepakati renegosiasi dan menandatangani nota kesepahaman amandemen kontrak pertambangan.

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